Arg Hotel




Inside Mehravaranpark, Monajat BLV, shahidan Ashraf BLV, Safaiyeh, Yazd, Iran


Arg Hotel is located in Yazd, the first adobe-structured city in the world , in the vicinity of one of the top historical monuments. Viewed from the outside, the façade offers brick and adobe desined as a courtyard, whereas the interior has the look of modern architecture. This hotel equipped with 138 ( twin, triple) rooms , 12 vip suites , 2 ceremonial halls , conference hall, birthday hall , bootcamp spot complex, 2 restaurants , 2 coffee shops ( inside and outside ) , 24 hours room service , handicraft and Termeh booth. This hotel is located in Safayieh , adjacent to the foot of mountain on ring road connecting Yazd, kerman and Shiraz and it’s across from Yazd International Exhibition. The hotel is 10 minutes drive form the center of citry and 15 minutes drives from airport.


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Unit 1, No 20 , Golnaz 1 St, Amirkabir Boulevard, Sharak-e Golestan, Tehran, Iran
P.O.BOX: 1493673683