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Our groups are led by exceptional guides who are good lecturers and experienced trip leaders. By choosing our travel agency, you will be guided by fully qualified professionals and experts, with holidays especially tailored for you and your party. Our well-educated guides have a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and specialties. They might be teachers or professors; photographers; botanists; zoologists; engineers; or historians; but what they all have in common is a commitment to delivering a unique and memorable experience. We believe that all tourists have the right to become familiar with their selected tour guide before coming to Iran. We are benefiting from working with educated, professional guides. They are the native Iranian guides residing in Tehran, and since they are living in the “Persian Land”, the paradise for archeologists, they are completely familiar with each and every detail of this wonderful country.

M.Reza Ghanbari

President of Tehran Travels Nili

Mohammad Reza Ghanbari, the president of Tehran Travels Nili has more than 22 years of experience regarding incoming tours from different countries, especially Japan. Furthermore, he dominates the Japanese and English languages completely.

I believe that Iran is a land of extraordinary contrasts. I am delighted to cooperate with you to have incoming tours to Iran.



Mr Morteza Alizadeh
Finance Department Manager
Ms Saviz
Incoming Operation Manager
Mr Alireza
IT department manager
Ms Ghadiri
Outgoing Operation Manager

Tour Guides

Hamid Reza Rahiminasab
B.A. of Japanese Translation studies language and literature
Reza Monfard Nik
B.A. of Japanese Translation studies language and literature
Kazem Alipur
B.A. of Japonese Translation studies
Mohammad Ali Asgariyan
BA of English language and literature
Mahmoud Reza Hemmat
BA of English language and literature
Muhammad Reza Poorhoseini
BA of English

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