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Aseman is a four-star hotel and is known for being the tallest building in the historical city of Esfahan. Aseman Hotel was opened on September 27, 2005, the same day as International World Tourism Day. It is located alongside a beautiful river called Zayandehrood. This hotel consists of 13 floors, 93 rooms with double beds, conventional suits, royal suits, and apartments; a revolving restaurant which overlooks the beautiful historical city; and an amazing view of the Zayanderhood evergreen river. This hotel also consists of 4 banquet halls that can host up to 300+ guests for meetings, milestone celebrations, or official events. Because of its special location, guests can walk in the beautiful parks created along the Zayanderhood river and enjoy their natural surroundings and fresh atmosphere. Whether you’re here for fun or business, you’ll appreciate the fine details and exquisite architecture that serve as a stunning backdrop to our modern-day designs and unique personality traits. Explore our distinguished spaces, from the grand entryway to welcoming guest rooms, plus our beloved revolving restaurant that overlooks the Zayander river.


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Unit 1, No 20 , Golnaz 1 St, Amirkabir Boulevard, Sharak-e Golestan, Tehran, Iran
P.O.BOX: 1493673683