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Iran is a popular destination with a lot of tourist attractions and stunning monuments. Besides visiting most of these UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many other historical places, the friendly Iranian people and tasty Persian cuisine make this trip an even more life-long memory.

This tour, like most of our others, begins in Tehran with its magnificent palaces and continues to major Iranian cities such as Ramsar, Anzali, Qazvin, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kashan, Yazd (a recently inscribed site on UNESCO’s World Heritage List), Ahwaz, Kermanshah, and Hamedan. this tour, you will visit Persian gardens, traditional bazaars, historical palaces, and mosques. If you are a history lover, we strongly recommend you join this tour.

Tour Highlights

  • Cultural & Historical Tour
  • Duration: Days 21 / Nights 20
  • City: Tehran – Ramsar –Anzali – Qazvin – Hamadan – Kermanshah – Khoramabad – Ahwaz – Shiraz – Yazd – Isfahan – Abyaneh




Arrival at Tehran airport, transfer to hotel & rest. O/N Tehran.

After breakfast, we will visit the Archaeological & Islamic Art Museum, the finest museum in Iran, where you’ll view a collection of ancient Persian civilization and also a jewelry museum. O/N Tehran.

Drive by coach through a beautiful mountainous region from west of Tehran toward the rainforest plain, which lays down the Caspian Sea. O/N Ramsar is a charming residence on the Caspian coast.

Drive along the Caspian coast and visit tea plantations, rice farms, and also fascinating wooden houses.Visit Anzali port, famous for its international pond, and visit the caviar processing factories. O/N Anzali.   

         Drive to Qazvin via the Alborz mountain road. Arrive in Qazvin, the early home of Kassites in the 24th century BC, which was also the first Safavid capital in the 16th century AC. Visit some archeological sites there. O/N Qazvin

Drive to Hamedan. En route, we will visit Sultanieh, one of the very ancient civilization zones from 7000 B.C.    and the Sultanieh dome, built by the Mongolian empire in the 13th century. O/N Hamedan.

We will visit Ester and Mordkhay tombs (Jewish holy shrines), Alaviyan dome, and Hegmataneh hill. O/N Hamedan.

Drive to Kermanshah; en route we will visit the Anahita complex, built in honor of the female guardian of the waters in Kangavar. Continue to Bisotun, a living museum of Iranian civilization from ancient times to the present, with the largest Cuneiform inscription (tablet of Darius I) and a stone statue of Hercules in the mountains. O/N Kermanshah

Drive from the Zagros Mountains’ fold belt.Continue to Khorramabad, once the center of Assassins who imposed a guerrilla war against non-Iranian rulers in the 11th and 12th centuries, and visit Falak-al-aflak castle, O/N Khorramabad.

Drive to Ahwaz. Upon arrival, we will visit the Karon River and then transfer to the hotel. O/N Ahwaz.

Drive to Shush and visit this beautiful city built 5500 years ago. Continue to Choghazanbil, one of the oldest ziggurats in the world. O/N Ahwaz.

Drive to Shiraz via Bishapoor, an ancient city steeped in history that was built to commemorate Persian victory in the Persian-Roman War. O/N Shiraz.


We will visit Eram and Narenjestan Gardens, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Khan Theological School, Hafez (or Saadi) mausoleum, Vakil complex, and the most astonishing mirror decoration of Aliebnehamze Holy Shrine. O/N Shiraz.

Drive to Yazd; en route we will visit Qoran Gate, Persepolis (a castle made by free workers, not slaves, in 500 BC), Necropol (tombs of Achamenian kings) and Pasargad, the tomb of Cyrus the Great, which was the Achamenian center. O/N Yazd.

According to UNESCO, Yazd is one of the oldest cities in the world; it is like a living museum. We will visit narrow alleys; the highest wind tower in the city, which keeps the buildings cool; the Friday mosque from the 14th century; and the silk weaving workshop, where exquisite brocades are still made on traditional looms. O/N Yazd.

In the morning, we will explore on foot this ancient city and visit a Zoroastrian temple where sacred fire has been kept alive for hundreds of years and is now a Zoroastrian pilgrim center. This is an opportunity to learn about Zoroastrianism, the Persian religion before the Arabs introduced Islam to Iran.Then go to the Towers of Silence on the outskirts of the city, which was a burial place for Zoroastrians. In the afternoon, drive to Isfahan. En route, we will visit Nareen Castle, an old caravanserai in Meibod, and a carpet workshop in Nareen. O/N Isfahan

In the morning we will visit Imam Square, the huge open square in the center of Isfahan with four monuments on four sides, including the Imam mosque, covered inside and outside with intricate turquoise tiles; the smaller Sheikh Lotfollah mosque contains some of the best mosaics from the 17th century; Ali Ghapoo Palace, which was the first skyscraper in Iran; and Isfahan Bazaar, where you can visit the workshop of artists who paint miniatures, sometimes on bone. In the afternoon, we will visit Si-o-Se Pol (thirty three) and Khajoo Bridges over Zayanderud, relax in one of the traditional tea houses, drink tea and smoke Persian water pipes. O/N Isfahan.


We will visit the Armenian quarter of Jolfa, Vank cathedral, Friday mosque, Shaking Minarets and Chehel Sotoun, also known as the Forty Column Palace, with its exquisite wall paintings. O/N Isfahan. 

Drive to Abyaneh, an ancient and fascinating village with its colorfully dressed inhabitants and mud-brick houses, where little has changed for several centuries. En route, we will visit Natanz Friday Mosque. O/N Abyaneh. 

We drive to Tehran, en route we will visit Fin complex in Kashan, a city well known for carpet, continue to Tehran. O/N Tehran. 

Transfer to Tehran IKA airport for your return home country..

*This itinerary can be made shorter or longer according to your request.



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